Hi Everyone,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I want to introduce myself to you. I am an Outdoor person, a Taurus. I am patient and reliable, warm hearted, loving, persistent and determined.

I love driving cars, but of course in speed limits. In summers I love swimming and cycling. In winter I and my friends play basketball indoors. From here I want to thank Our Mayer for building a wonderful sports saloon to our town.

I am fully interested in computers and new technology. I have recently bought an iPad 2 and enjoying spending time with it. I’m into social media. I follow twitter every day. But nevertheless I don’t like Facebook. It seems fake lives to me.

HP and Dell is our co-sponsors for this blog. But they don’t know about this 🙂
I usually use my laptop for blogging. But sometimes, especially in summer my laptop goes crazy and overheated. So I keep going with my desktop. Old one, but I like its stability.

And lastly, this blogger’s height is 6’0″.

Please take a look at around, you will find some useful and some entertaining information in my blog!

I may write some more about myself here soon or not!…