I’m too tall, wishing I was shorter!

I’m about 5’8″ ½,
and my limbs are really long, like my arms… I’m the same height as most guys.
I’m ok looking and slim, but It really sucks because I usually tower over other
girls, and guys seem to get really intimidated by my height. I have always
hated being tall, I find it unattractive… and I always stand out, man If only
I was a couple inches shorter… I think shorter girls are always much cuter.
What do you guys think of girls this tall, be honest?

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25 thoughts on “I’m too tall, wishing I was shorter!

  1. im at the height where i am either too talll or too short. im about 5'3"1/2. my limbs are too long for many sports but too short for fast swiming. i even have a hard time walking because i just grew about 5" in the past 2-3 months

  2. I I am taller than you and I'm 13. Only 2 guys at my school are taller than me and no girls (some teachers). I also tower over my family. I was up posed to be 5 inches shorter than I am. It is hard finding clothes, but I always keep my chin up. It could always be worse. Besides, it makes me a great athelete. Guys where I am don't care for short girls,mthank goodness. They really don't care what we look like. It's nice to have people accept that I'm tall and still not care. There are times where I just feel sad

  3. LOVE girls your height; you all don't like ME. 5-7.5, slender and muscular. But not Derek Jeter. See, men also have cultural expectations they are supposed to live up to.

  4. girls, you have to see the positive side, we can weight much more than short girls and yet be thin

  5. I'd do anything to be your height, thank god for the height you have. is just perfect, I'm 5'1.

  6. Im 5'8 and im 16, i used to wish i was short like around 5'2 but if you think about it, when you get older your going to find men around 6ft and way taller than you. Your also going to see girls about the same height as you. So don't be all sad or angry about your height. Just to let you know you stop growing taller when your 18 only for girls.

  7. I'm 5'9, a girl and I actually love it. I'm 16 now but I've been this height since I was 13, so initially I really hated towering over everyone and I just felt really awkward. Now, I absolutely love it and wouldn't change my height for the world. I think you should embrace it, and definitely don't deprive yourself of heels!! Slap on a pair of 5 inches and you will be the centre of attention 😉 Just work it, girl.

  8. I am 5'1 and I'm in high school!! I get called hsort all the time its terrible!! But I'm a gymmast so its ok:)

  9. Omg when I read this I thought you were a guy and I was like "is everyone making typos??" haha I'm 5'8" ish I think a little taller. Idk I'm taller than most guys my age so thats kind of annoying, but I like taller guys so it wouldn't really matter if I was shorter. (I'm 16)

  10. I like how everyone considers 5'5-5'9 to be "tall." I'm just barely six feet so I consider myself 5'11, and I'm a twenty-year-old girl who happens to be extremely curvy, rather hourglass-shaped (broad shoulders, small waist, large hips, long legs). Seems like all the guys I know go for anyone 5'6 and under, and I really prefer the taller guys – I dated two guys who were both 5'11, but they were so bothered by my height. I'd be happy with a guy who's 6'1 as long as he makes me feel like a woman.

  11. well, i've kinda got used to my height, im 5'6, and i am 14 turning 15, i was really kinda short for a while, but then i grew! i am not as tall as most people, but im ok wit tht now. dont worry, ur probablly not as intimidating as u might think, at least i dont think you are anyway. 🙂

  12. i am the same girl who commented right before this too. dont worry, i have really long limbs too. lol. and i dont let it keep me from doin wat i want, sometimes i might look like a dork, but dont we all at some point in our lives.

  13. I am a 6'-2" male – 62 years old.

    My wife is 6'-1/2" – 60 yo.

    I have two daughters – grown women now – the older is 6'-3" and the younger (whom we call "Shorty" within the family, and it IS said in fun) – is 5'-10".

    The older daughter's husband is about an inch shorter and the younger daughter's husband is my height.

    I was first attracted to my wife because of her height and the fact that she had good posture. I find it sad that so many tall young girls seem to adopt horrible posture to try to appear shorter.

    I would advise them to simply be whatever height they are – and stand up straight with your shoulders back and look people in the eyes (or at the top of their head) – whatever allows you to both LOOK and BE proud of yourself.

  14. I'm 5'9" tall & struggling. Almost every girl I see is around 5'3" and 5'5".. Also, I'm taller than most guys and that makes it difficult to hang out with boys because I'm taller than them and that's just SO awkward! Plus, I'm really slender, almost everybody says I could become a model but idk, in daily life it's really annoying. I'm 15 years old and the doctor said that I might still grow because I got my period a few days before my 15th birthday so that makes me scared! I LOVE high heels and I can walk in them really good but I just can't wear them because of my height 🙁 Making new friends is also really difficult because I don't want to be taller than the rest! I always bow my back on pictures because I'm ashamed and I know that's bad for my back.. I also dance in a local dance school and I swear, everybody is so small there! When we dance in group I always have to stay in the back because of my height and I often bow because there is a big mirror in front of us and I just hate to see how tall I am comparing to everybody else.. I hope one day I will accept my height and be proud of it! But for now, I really just can't, whatever I try.. 🙁

  15. you shouldn't worry about your height, you should embrace it, most girls would be happy to be your height, im about 5'8.5 so i know how it feels like

  16. Kid,
    I tower over most male friends I have, standing at 6ft0, and yet I wear high heels. I simply love them! It doesn't matter how tall you are or you'll become. It's what you do with it! I am proud of my height, it's one of the things people refer to, the tall blonde, etc. Okay, sometimes it's hard to find clothing, but so what? Be proud of yourself! Stand tall, raise your chin and smile! If someone makes a remark on your height, it's simply because they are jealous!
    I find it easy to talk to both girls and men, because I'm confident. After a while, people won't care about your height, it seems to disappear to them, they forget about it. And have you ever thought of what it can give to you? A big girl who is confident and friendly, is something to look up to.
    And there are big boys who like big girls, accept that from me 😉

  17. I'm 6ft0 too, and it took me a long time to accept my height. It can be annoying to be taller than your friends. You're the one who's always asking what they just said, because your head is higher and you literally didn't hear them. But… you are who you are. At 40 years now I wouldn't give up an inch. Only on the airplane… 😉

    You need to find places that carry clothes that fit your body type and then you can really celebrate your height… I've never given it much thought (because clothes shopping can be so frustrating) but smaller friends have told me how much they would like to wear my style but being small they just couldn't pull it off! So: enjoy!!!

  18. I am 4'8 tall and I am 25 yrs old. I am so worried because it wasn't fit for my age. Clothes I wear are in kids sizes. So sad that I can't wear clothes that is fit for my age, especially It is hard for me to find a jeans that fits for me because my legs are short. And I am also having a very hard time, applying for a job because I was short. what are the tips, exercises, or what should I eat or drink for me to grow? pls. help..thank you!

  19. I'm a female 5'2" tall. I've never had a problem with my height… until some girls who were taller would say really loud: "you're short!!" Like suddenly they noticed, meanwhile I was hanging out with them for a long time. They say it so rude too… like as if it's a fault or something terrible. So ridiculous. I love high heels, because they make me feel strong when I walk, and with my heels I'm 5'6". I wouldn't want to be taller than that, but either way I don't really care. I have to say though, that a lot of men over 6 feet tall hit on me. They seem to like the more petite girls. Which is fine by me, because I like tall me. 🙂

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