Tall women’s salaries leave short girls in the shade

It may be a tall order for some women to accept.
But shorter females earn less than their loftier colleagues, a study claims
Those who stand at 5ft8in and above are twice as likely to earn more than £30,000 ($45,000) a year – or up to £5,000 ($7500) more than their vertically challenged friends.

The researchers asked 1,461 women over the age of 16 to give details about their salary and measurements.
A fifth of those questioned who fell into the ‘tall‘ category said they earned £30,000 ($45,000)  and above compared with 10 percent of women under 5ft8in.
At the same time, 20 percent of the tall women said they saw their height as a source of ’empowerment and authority’ compared with just 5 per cent of shorter females.
And the study revealed that the taller you are, the more comfortable you are likely to be with your body.
A quarter of women over 5ft8in said they would not change anything about themselves.
In contrast, 90 percent of females in the ‘short’ category said they were unhappy with their looks, the study for clothing chain Long Tall Sally found.
Arianne Cohen, author of The Tall Book: A Celebration Of Life From On High, said: ‘Research shows that tall people are consistently more successful in the workplace.
‘Not only do they earn more but they’re more likely to be in leadership positions.
‘As taller people have a downward eyecast when speaking to shorter colleagues, they are instinctively perceived to have authority and confidence.
‘It means that those who are taller are respected by their colleagues and bosses, giving them a thriving atmosphere that leads them to more success.’
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