How Tall are Verne Troyer, Ranae Shrider and Genevieve Gallen?

Verne Troyer is 2'8" (81 cm)
Ranae Shrider is 5'5" (165 cm)
Genevieve Gallen is 6'2" (188 cm)

The 2'8" actor of the "Austin Powers" series, Verne Troyer, isn't letting size be a factor in his lovelife. Verne Troyer, who is 2'8" and weights 40 lbs., his ex, aspiring actress Ranae Shrider, who is 5'5" and 110 lbs.

And his longtime girlfriend and later his wife blonde beauty Genevieve Gallen is 6'2".

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Anonymous said...

Genevieve Gallen is 5'6. Talk about "fake news". People that care about her saw 20 google pages of links of activism and notoriety she had done back to high school days, replaced by crude slander. She married Verne Troyer at the Beverly Hills Courthouse January 22, 2004. (his imdb says a month later as his bankruptcy to "others", his doing a sobriety program in her home in which she then fell in love with who verne was sober, and much more has disappeared with her.) All left of this talented fashion designer, soulful person, and good heart to be found online is her real facebook with photos from her days as a model and attempts to have a voice lost the date she would not appease Verne's "camp or fixers". She used Gallen, when prejudice she actively fought (in one way sitting on the carpet in gowns aside verne troyer) brought slander to her father whom handed verne down in an engagement ceremony that Christmas 2003 with heirlooms from the "Gowman" family. I was lucky to have met this fabulous and fearless woman who told me she will never give up despite what tabloids may say about those who surrounded verne and his "camp" over the years. Im a big guy, but she'd not hurt a fly-her dog, she had covered with her cardigan as she shivered and he/she slept in a bag made for small canines.

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