Britain's tallest crook 7ft 2in Jude Medcalf is back behind bars after breaching his licence

A 7ft 2in criminal who once escaped a jail sentence because of his height is now back behind bars.
Jude Medcalf, 25, spent 75 days on remand at the beginning of last year for stealing food and Christmas presents from an NHS office and firing a BB gun at a woman.
But a judge ordered his release in March 2014 because he suffers from Klinefelter Syndrome, a growth disorder which means he's too big for standard prison beds and uniforms.

Medcalf was instead given a 12-month community order and six-month curfew after he pleaded guilty to possession of an imitation firearm and a bladed article, criminal damage and burglary.
But Medcalf - who is nicknamed Tiny - went on to commit a bizarre string of offences and last November was sentenced to 20 months in prison at Exeter Crown Court. 

He was released just weeks ago after serving half his sentence but is now is back in jail for a further eight months after breaching the terms of his licence by making a series of hoax calls.
In November 2014, Medcalf, from Newton Abbot, Devon, admitted three counts of impersonating a police officer; three counts of sending malicious communications and three of theft.

He also admitted stealing a blue light from an emergency vehicle and an amber one from a recovery vehicle.
The court also heard that Medcalf had previous convictions for 24 similar offences of false alarms and dishonesty. His condition also leaves him with the emotional maturity of a teenager.
He has now been sent back to jail after police found he was persistently using public communication networks to cause annoyance and inconvenience.
A police spokesman said: 'This is another example of how police, the crown prosecution and probation services work in partnership to bring prolific offenders to justice.' 

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