Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe boosts his height in a pair of stack heels

It is one of the highest accolades in Hollywood, so it is no surprise that Daniel Radcliffe wanted to look on top form to unveil his star on its Walk of Fame.
The diminutive Harry Potter actor seems to have been keen to ensure one aspect of his appearance measured up – his height.
For the grand unveiling, the 5ft 5in star appeared to be sporting a pair of stack heels, often worn by celebrities who want to boost their standing.  

Others believed to use the undercover uplift include Tom Cruise and Simon Cowell.
Radcliffe chose to wear a grey checked suit for the occasion with his hair shaved very short. 
The 26-year-old vowed he would ‘never stop feeling lucky to be here’ and thanked his parents Alan and Marcia, who had flown out to Los Angeles for the ceremony.
He also made time to sign autographs and pose for photographs with fans, many of whom had turned up clutching Harry Potter memorabilia. 

The 26-year-old actor wore a smart grey checked suit and dark tie for the occasion.
His head closely-shorn s as he was joined by Harry Potter director Christopher Columbus and @midnight host Chris Hardwick.
They were also joined by Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Leron Gubler.
Daniel earned the 2,565th star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is situated in front of the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.
The actor has been busy in the US promoting his new film Victor Frankenstein, which also stars Scottish actor James McAvoy.
And he told Variety that he was surprised and honored to receive a star with his name on it.

'It's really an incredible honor,' he said.
'We (Brits) have a national embarrassment about people saying nice things about us, so I was taken aback at first but then I had a real sense of gratitude,' he told the publication.
'Only about 20 per cent of people who work in film and television end up on the Walk Of Fame. 
'It's kind of amazing. I don't know if they remove these things, but no matter how badly I mess up, they can't remove it.'

Daniel is one of the rare child stars who has successfully transitioned to an adult career. 
In addition to starring in the four blockbuster Harry Potter films, Daniel has been seen in The Woman In Black, Kill Your Darlings, Trainwreck and What If.
The actor also recently weighed in on Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling's revelation that the American term for 'muggle', is 'no maj.' 
Fans were in an uproar over the new term, which will be introduced in Rowling's upcoming book Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.
'I have no strong opinions about this,' Daniel told Mashable about the controversy. 
'We have different words in England, so it makes perfect sense that there should be a different word for it in America.' 

And he told E! news that he can't wait to see the new Fantastic Beasts films, which will star British Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander.
'I can barely keep myself in this chair,' he told E! News.
'Yes, I am very excited but I've also been asked about it a lot, and I don't have any information to give unfortunately. 

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