Shaquille O'Neal Posed With Simone Biles At The Super Bowl, Showed Off Height Difference

What's a few feet? Simone Biles posted this shot to social media of herself with Shaquille O'Neal at Super Bowl 51 in Houston on Sunday

Well, they are both gold medalists! Shaquille O'Neal, 7ft1, poses with 4ft9 Simone Biles at Super Bowl party

The 2017 Super Bowl had two winners, even before the game began. And the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons were nowhere to be found.

As fellow gold medalists they have plenty of things in common.
But height isn't one of them. 

Bringing a visual to the term 'height discrepancy', 7ft1 Shaquille O'Neal posed for a shot with 4ft9 Simone Biles over the Super Bowl 51 festivities at Houston's NRG Stadium Sunday.

In the eye-popping image, the 19-year-old Columbus, Ohio native, who told home Olympic gold last summer, wore a long-sleeved white top, a black skirt with vertical embellishments and black shoe boots. 

Simone Biles, the 4'9" 19-year-old gymnast who competed with the gold medal-winning "Final Five" at the 2016 Summer Olympics, came face-to-torso with 7'1" NBA legend and sports TV personality Shaquille O'Neal, 44, Sunday at Houston's NRG Stadium, hours before the NFL championship.

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