British Royal Family Heights

Queen Victoria, 5'0"
Despite her short stature, a pair of her bloomers that sold at auction this year show our longest-reigning monarch had a 50in waist by the end of her life. Her husband, Albert, was 5'10".

Princess Margaret, 5'1"
The Queen's younger sister was only a  whisper taller than her great-great-grandmother Victoria, but there the similarity ended: Margaret had a waspish 3in waist, in contrast to her portly ancestor.

Wallis Simpson, 5'2"
The precise height of the wife of Edward VIII is the subject of much debate. She looks taller In photos, but that could be down to her love of high heels and her willowy shape (the result of determined dieting).

Nell Gwynne, 5'2"
'Pretty, witty' actress Nell, the mistress of Charles II, was admired by Samuel Pepys for her neat figure, and 'very small feet'. She was far shorter than her alleged descendant, the willowy Sam Cameron.

Charles I, 5'4"
Shortest British king, Charles was a bare 5'4" - though, as the old Monty Python joke has it, by the end of his reign, he was only 4ft 8in. No wonder he was so keen to keep a 19in dwarf on hand at all times at his court.

Elizabeth II, 5'4"
British Queen is the average height for a British woman, but she was dwarfed by the Obamas during their state visit this year. Perhaps aware of this, 5ft 11in Michelle opted for low heels for their meeting.

Elizabeth I, 5'4"
Though contemporar reports describe the Virgin Queen as 'tall and well-formed', it seems likely that this was mere flattery, as her surviving clothes suggest that she was only about 5ft 4in.

Camilla, 5'6"
The former Mrs Parker Bowles is a little above average height, and that flicky bouffant hairstyle makes her look even taller. Nonetheless, she's no match for her husband or stepsons.

Lillie Langtry, 5'8"
The famous Lily of Jersey captured the attentions of the future Edward VII to such an extent that she was presented to Queen Victoria. Perhaps her appeal lay in her height - she was an inch taller than her lover.

Prince Charles, 5'9"
The heir to the throne is an inch shorter than the average British male. His first wife Diana towered over him - explaining why she favoured flat shoes during their marriage. Still, at least Camilla is only 5ft 6in.

Kate Middleton, 5'10"
Prince William's lucky wife is not only tall, but slim, too - she's around a size 8/10. Those are the proportions needed to be a model, so she's always got a fallback position if that royal wedding never happens.

Princess Diana, 5'10¾"
The young Diana had childhood ambitions of becoming a ballet dancer, but, as she put It, she 'overshot the mark'. Often described as 5ft 10in, she was very Insistent on the extra ¾in being Included.

Mary Queen of Scots, 5'11"
Mary was very tail for her time, which may be why she decided to marry her scandal-hit cousin, Lord Darnley, one of the few men at court taller than her. Darnley was murdered just two years later.

Mery II, 5'11"
The Stuart Queen was much taller than her husband William of Orange (5ft 6 1/2in) - so much so that children used to laugh at their wax statues in Westminster Abbey. William is now boosted by a cushion.

Prince Philip, 5'11"
The Duke of Edinburgh topped 6ft in his prime, but at 88 he is not quite as tall any more. With his height, as well as his dashing good looks, it's no wonder the Queen found him so attractive as a young naval lieutenant.

Henry VIII, 6'0"
The tall Tudor monarch cut a dashing figure on European battlefields - the Venetian ambassador called him the 'handsomest potentate I ever set eyes on'. Despite his height, he struggled to carry off the Substantial 52in waist he later developed.

Princess Michael of Kent, 6'0"
Statuesque Princess Pushy claims she is 'the first tall person to marry into the clan'. She Is descended from German and Austrian aristocracy, as well as the French Queen Catherine de Medici.

Edward I, 6'2"

King of England between 1272 and 1307. Edward was nicknamed Longshanks because of his long legs, which made him a superb horseman. His skeleton, exhumed In 1776, confirms he was exceptionally tall for the age he lived in.

Charles II, 6'2"
The son of tiny parents, he was very tail—which made him difficult to disguise when he was fleeing England during the civil war. His wife Catherine of Braganza was so short that when they met, he said: 'My God they've sent me a bat!'

Prince Harry, 6'2"
Just pipped by his brother William, Harry is nevertheless no tItch. His on-off girlfriend Cheisy Davy is 5ft 8in, so will always be dwarfed by Harry - unless she opts to wear unfeasibly high heels.

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Unknown said...

Princess Margaret was not 5ft 1in. She was 5ft 4.9in - slightly taller than the Queen. And her waist was NOT 3 inches!! That's not even physically possible.

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