China's Tallest Man Bao Xishun With His Wife Xia Shujuan

China's tallest man Bao Xishun with his wife Xia Shujuan

All you people who'd complain about physical awkwardness ain't got nothing on these two!

The world second tallest man has found love and married his bride at a traditional Mongolian wedding.

Bao Xishun, who stands 2.36 m (7 ft 8.95 in), dressed up in the traditional Mongolian gown specially designed for him.

Bao, a 56 year-old herdsman from Inner Mongolia, married 5-foot-6 saleswoman Xia Shujian after a global search for a suitable bride.

He 28-year-old bride comes from his hometown of Chifeng in northern China.

As a tradition, Bao attended an ancestor worshipping ceremony before leaving to pick up his bride who was waiting for him in the camp in front of the tomb of Kublai Khan.

A Mongolian cart pulled by two camels took Bao to the bride's camp.

The cart was followed by a limo with a sign reading "love" in front, and more than 10 cars.

The bride's attendants pretended to prevent Bao from getting into the camp, following the Mongolian tradition.

Relatives from the bride's family offered the traditional Mongolian tea to Bao and Bao accepted the tea happily, which symbolised that the world's tallest man has been accepted as son-in-law of the bride's family.

More than 2,000 people including relatives of Bao and his bride, local people and reporters witnessed the wedding.

Bao Xishun was confirmed as the world's tallest living man by Guinness World Records last year.

He overtook the previous holder, Radhouane Charbib of Tunisia, by just 2mm.

Guinness World Records say Bao was of normal height until 16 but then put on a spurt that doctors were unable to explain, reaching his full height in seven years.

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