G20 leaders Height Chart

They're all political giants... but how TALL are our world leaders? Putin's shorter than he looks, Obama towers over Tony Abbott - while Canada's PM stands above the rest at the G20

The G20 leaders will descend on Brisbane this weekend to flex their political muscles 
The tallest of them all is Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, at 6ft 2in
He towers above the likes of South Africa's President Jacob Zuma, who is just 5ft 6in
According to a 2011 US study by Dr Gregg Murray, at Texas Tech University, voters see tall politicians as the best people for the top jobs

They are the heavyweights who lead the world’s 20 major and emerging economies.
But just how intimidating are the G20 political giants in person and does their stature really make them more authoritative leaders?
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott stands at 5ft 9in, while Vladimir Putin - the Russian President who Abbott threatened to ‘shirtfront’ over the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 - is just 5ft 7in.
However, both are often photographed with their shirts off and make-up for their moderate heights by taking pride in their sporting prowess and martial arts history. 
G20 leaders Height Chart
G20 leaders Height Chart
British Prime Minister David Cameron and American President Barack Obama - vertically gifted politicians - are taller at 6ft 1in, and both take a more leisurely approach to life than Putin and Abbott.
Barack is often spotted on the golf course – even on the same day that he addressed the ISIS beheading of top American war correspondent James Foley.
And Cameron is the master of ‘chillaxing’, a phrase he coined to describe his time out on the tennis court or watching a TV box set with wife Samantha. 

But even Cameron and Obama are overshadowed by the tallest of all the G20 leaders to arrive in Brisbane this weekend - Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
The majestic 55-year-old is a grand 6ft 2in and towers over the likes of French President Francois Hollande at 5ft 7in.
With all that height, Mr Harper is keen to remain stylish and is the first Canadian prime minister to employ a personal stylist, Michelle Muntean, to help co-ordinate his clothes.
Mr Hollande, meanwhile, is the second diminutive French President in a row, but he is two inches taller than Nicolas Sarkozy, who was notoriously touchy about his size.
In 2012, Hollande was left red-faced after an official visit to London when he was photographed next to rather taller guard of honour from the 1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards. The guards' sizeable bearskins made the President appear tiny in the pictures taken outside the UK foreign office. 

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