World's tallest model: Amazon Eve

Amazon Eve the world's tallest model finally finds love - with 6ft 4in Mr Right who's four inches shorter than her (and a little bit older)

-Amazon Eve, or Erika Ervin, is 6ft 8 and worried she would never find love
-Met boyfriend Dennis, in his 60s, who's 6ft 4in when he was her accountant
-By the age of 14 already 5ft 9, she towered over her classmates
-Says shorter men saw her as a mother figure, and found dating hard

The world's tallest model, Amazon Eve, has finally found love - and her Mr Right is only four inches shorter than her.
The 34-year-old beauty stands at a lofty 6ft 8in and completely dwarfs most men she meets.
But now the towering brunette from Turlock, California is in a relationship and is enjoying barely having to stoop to kiss her new man.

Amazon Eve and her boyfriend Dennis Hargrove draw looks when they step out together as they tower above most passers by

Her American boyfriend Dennis Hargrove, who is in his 60s and lives in LA, measures a generous 6ft 4in - making the couple a near perfect match.
Dennis said: 'I have no problem being with a taller woman, in fact my friends are envious of my girlfriend.'
The pair met when Dennis started working as Eve's accountant and they hit it off straight away.
Amazon Eve, also known as Erika Ervin said: 'The first time I met Dennis we were going over some tax preparation, not the most romantic encounter, but then when I heard him speak French I just fell head over heels. I remembered the time I was all alone in Paris and wished I had a boyfriend. He's not like any other man I've dated.'
Dennis, who began his accounting business 1993 says: 'Eve is a tender loving companion to me. She sometimes complains about her height from time to time, but I know she enjoys being tall. 
'She likes to live out a superhero fantasy, imagining herself as wearing a costume, riding the world of evil with her brains, martial arts and sense of justice as her only weapons.
'My nickname for Eve is "Victory" as to me, she represents the statue Winged Victory of Samothrace in the Louvre Museum in Paris.   
'Eve is very spontaneous and energetic, I love her for who she is and I always look forward to the next time we are together.'
Despite having thousands of admirers, Eve's longest relationship before Dennis had lasted just six months as she struggled to find Mr right. 
'I've dated men of all sizes, even a 5ft comedian,' said Erika, who started modelling four years ago after appearing on the front cover of Zoo Weekly magazine.
'But the short men I dated saw me as a replacement for their mother and the few taller men I've dated were either too old, not available, too boring or struggled to cope with the fact I could look them directly in the eye.
'I did worry I'd never find true love.'
Eve has also worked as a personal trainer, paralegal and political lobbyist, and now the full time model and actress also makes money by charging $400 an hour for men to wrestle her. Although she says that she lets Dennis wrestle her for free, even sometimes letting him win.
Dennis says: 'I love to challenge Eve to a game of table tennis, I always beat her, but there is always the thought at the back of my mind that she could throw the bat at me at any time.

Gushing over her new man, she said: 'Dennis is very personable and kind hearted.
'He knows when I've had a tough day or I'm under a deadline and he manages to ease my mind with a well timed back rub.
'I used to have a long list of wants in a man, but my dating experience has taught me to be open to different kinds of possibilities. If there's no chemistry then it won't work.
'Guys forget that Amazon Eve is an alter ego I play in the entertainment biz. Guys who approach me with a focus to be with me because of my height tend to see me only as a fetish object - albeit just a surface attraction.
Erika says that being introduced to fitness training by a previous boyfriend gave her body confidence
Erika says that being introduced to fitness training by a previous boyfriend gave her body confidence
'Dennis is shorter than me at 6'4" and I'm content with that. It's hard to have a 'wish list', you end up placing your world in a box and you don't see the good outside that box.'
One of the worst dating disasters the model experienced was with a man who after their first meet, grabbed her crotch and asked 'you don't have a penis do you?'
As a child Eve was always tall and by the age of 14 and 5ft 9, she towered over her classmates and teachers.
'While all the girls were getting breasts, I just kept growing skywards," said Eve, whose mum Patricial was 6ft 1in and dad William 6ft 7in.
'People called me 'giant' and 'stretch' because I was ridiculously tall, flat chested and lanky.
'I hated my body so much I hid myself away and avoided the boys I fancied because I didn't want to be rejected.
'No-boy was interested in taking me to the school prom.'
Over the next five years Eve suffered terrible growing pains as she shot up 11 inches, and by 19 stood at 6ft 8in.
'It was one of the worst times of my life,' said Eve, who struggled to find clothes to fit her 40-in inside leg and shoes for size 11 feet.
'Whenever I walked into a room everyone gawked at me.'
Eve eventually took up acting classes to boost her confidence.
'I dreamed of being a Hollywood star, but the main parts I won were as aliens or monsters,' explained Eve, who has starred as Shelley Godfrey in hit T.V series Hemlock Grove.
It wasn't until 2004 that she finally found the courage to start dating men, after meeting Karl, a 5ft 10 airline mechanic in a bar.
Although the relationship fizzled out after four months, he introduced Eve to fitness training, which hugely boosted her confidence and made her appreciate her body.

Eve then joined a dating website but had little success after a handful of dates.
Then when she was 27 and working as a fitness trainer, Eve dated a 5ft 6 Italian bodybuilder for six months but eventually the relationship became very one-dimensional and she moved on.
'Rico was lovely and his height didn't make a difference when lying down, but I realized I wanted a man who could sweep me off my feet intellectually as well as physically.
'Taller men find me too much too handle because they're used to a woman looking up to them and short men see me as a trophy.
'Dennis isn't like that, he is successful in his own right, confident and loves me for who I am.'
Eve credits her height to genes - saying her German and Dutch heritage is the reason why she is so tall.
She said: 'All the women in my family are tall.'
Now she has said goodbye to single life and looks forward to a future with Dennis, and the couple have spent the summer holidaying in Paris and Barcelona.

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